Choosing Location

When Yleana and I started to brainstorm her and Ryan's engagement, we were absolutely sure of two things. First, we wanted to have an epic adventure, and second we needed gorgeous views! So I got busy making dreams come true, and we came up with a few locations in the Southern Colorado area. Unfortunately, due to travel arrangements and some unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to make the trip to the beautiful Mountain State itself. Although our original idea didn’t work out, I’d definitely say it all happened for a reason. After skating over a few locations in the Northern New Mexico area with this resilient couple, Williams Lake in Taos, NM, was decided upon and was absolutely first on my list. Have a look and I’m sure you’ll see just why!

Adventures lovers

Nestled in the beautiful Ski Valley of Taos, New Mexico, you will find an adventurous trail that leads to this gorgeous location! 

One thing I love most about adventurous engagement sessions is that I have the opportunity to truly get to know my couples on a deeper, intimate and personal level. I get to ask about their story, what they do for a living, what they like to do for fun, and of course we always talk wedding details. We love the big day deets!

On our way up the mountain I learned how the wonderful and fun Yleana and Isaac met and how they coincidentally had the same group of mutual friends and even entered into the same professional career paths as Physical Therapists. Together, they enjoy obtaining a healthy lifestyle, exploring the outdoors and of course…a good beer! 

I think it’s safe to say that Williams Lake is a must add to your list of places to visit in NM, I hope you enjoy viewing this session as much as I enjoyed shooting it!